Marketing 101

The art of marketing is as enjoyable as painting for me….if, I don’t have to do it as often. Since I operate a retail gallery from which I sell most of my paintings, my marketing efforts are an extension of that retail image. Many well-known painters have also worn the marketing hat throughout their successful careers. Claude Monet, well-known for glorifying his plein air painting excursions along remote beaches while storms were raging around him, never missed an opportunity for the press to be aware of his adventures. Picasso was also known for his marketing genius. Contemporary artists too, have carried on the tradition of self marketing. Thomas Kinkade is a master at self promotion. It is up to you to decide if he ranks among great painters. So, does great marketing produce great work? If Monet had not been so successful at marketing, would a painter of equal talent be a house hold name today, instead of him?

Marketing does influence the opinions of collectors, and it is essential that artists educate the public so that we are better understood. But, keep it simple, and let the viewer finish the story.  Collectors just want to enjoy their paintings and not feel obligated to relay the artist’s convoluted justifications for creating it.

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