Beauty is Imperfection

As I search daily for inspiration, I am confronted by New. Everywhere I look, there are new buildings, cars, and products of all description. My disinterest in these things can be numbing. I am looking for the imperfect facade, face, and moment of truth. It’s that moment that portrait photographers wait for so they can capture the real you. This may happen when you let down your guard, or when age takes its toll, or maybe when nobody is looking. But, it’s always there and no amount of vinyl siding, or Botox can hide it. Urban renewal erases the history of place, and it seems that new construction has long been deemed the solution to any problem. As farms and turn-of-the-century factory buildings are razed to make way for rows of identical houses, we are left with a sterile environment. So while society moves along driving identical cars, searching out the latest identical fashion, and sleeping in identical houses, I will continue my search for old wrinkled people, and weathered farmhouses.

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One response to “Beauty is Imperfection

  • Kristal Ehrhardt

    I’ve got a preserved barn and house for you. Both are located in Camden, Ohio on a century farm where my parents live. The house and barn were built in the 1890’s, and my father has worked hard to preserve the farm buildings and to establish native grasses. Six generations of my family have lived on the farm.

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