Methods of Working, part 2








“Heritage”, oil on chromecoat  6 x 4 1/4 inches

Color studies should actually solve issues beyond color choice. Color runs secondary to value, and a strong monochromatic painting will win any day. That said, I consider myself a colorist….to a degree. I think of color as a tool to inform the viewer about mood, or climate, or temperature, or period in history. Color can trigger memory of specific events, and time periods, and if the colors used in the painting are authentic to these memories, it can be very compelling. My early color studies were usually watercolor. Later, I began combining felt tip marker with watercolor, and this eventually led to using oil paint on paper. I now work with ball point pen, marker, pencil, oil crayon, and oil paint on chromecoat paper. I arrived at this recipe by trial and error, and the reaction I received when I shared the color studies convinced me to begin treating them as finished works. I now produce an entire series of chromecoat works each year, that in turn, influence finished oil paintings. This is proof of my theory that process can be as interesting as the final product.

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