painting and the photograph

“Emma”  oil on canvas    2010

Photography has long been cast as the evil shortcut for artists. It was accepted as a tool for illustrators, but shunned for fine artists. As technology and art mix, I think that photography will become an even bigger influence on fine arts. Lat week, I toured “Shared Intelligence: American Painting and the Photograph”, at The Columbus Museum of Art. The show runs through April 24. It will change your opinion on the use of photography, and I guarantee some surprises at who used photography to aid their painting methods.

There are things to be seen from life that the camera will distort. Keep in mind that fine art referencing, and journalism are not the same, but the tools are shared. When I created “Emma” last year, I worked from photos that I shot. At nearly 6 feet tall, the painting was intended to be an imposing, larger than life, statement. It was about her personality, and her love of books. It was not a still life, or a portrait, and that is where scale played such a vital role.

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