The Delaware Barn


The Delaware Barn was raised the first time 175 years ago. Constructed from hand-hewn timbers of oak and walnut, it has withstood everything that has happened, since 1840. That is somewhere north of 62,000 thousand days of continuous being, without burning down or blowing away in a storm, or having someone decide it’s too much work to keep around. I am amazed that it still exists, and today these Amish craftsmen are raising this barn for the second time, on our farm in Alexandria.

Thanks for looking!

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3 responses to “The Delaware Barn

  • Rob Firchau

    Congratulations and many happy returns!

  • mildredmoss

    Jay, loved reading about your barn. This is the post first time I have been alerted to one of your posts. Maybe it is the first one. I don’t know. I’m posting semi-regularly at This is the year I write the book. You’re probably in it somewhere, so maybe you’d better read it.
    Love and Happy New Year to you, Jennifer, and the kids.

  • Eric Axene

    Just terrific “J”…I was in a barn home just this afternoon for a second look at…to buy. I really love it and hope it goes forward, after having it appraised etc to understand how much money it will eat up in the future. Happy New Year(so it is, congratulations)…to Jen and the girls as well! Eric Axene

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