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I began a tradition some time ago, of painting each daughter’s portrait, annually on their birthday. Emma became an adult this birthday, and as she prepares to find her way in the world, I am reminded of a quote I once heard:

“All of my possessions for a moment of time”.



Morning Walk

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I'm the only guy in our household....unless you count these two 
men. Strong, loyal and dependable, and ready to go every
morning. They gladly posed in the front pasture for their
"over the mantel" painting. Dogs are never conceited, but I have
to wonder if they have any idea how good looking they are.
That's Wyeth on the left, named for the family of painters, and
Callahan on the right, after inspector Harry.
36 x 36 inches, oil on canvas.


Barn Installation

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRising from the pasture, as would a Richard Serra installation, the Delaware Barn begins to explore the exchange between object, site and viewer. Familiar vistas seen from within will be framed and redefined, and those considered from outside the structure will be fractured by light patterns and contours of the pasture. With each passing day, the Delaware Barn redefines its relationship to the site.

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The Delaware Barn


The Delaware Barn was raised the first time 175 years ago. Constructed from hand-hewn timbers of oak and walnut, it has withstood everything that has happened, since 1840. That is somewhere north of 62,000 thousand days of continuous being, without burning down or blowing away in a storm, or having someone decide it’s too much work to keep around. I am amazed that it still exists, and today these Amish craftsmen are raising this barn for the second time, on our farm in Alexandria.

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Morning Break


It is mostly silent this time of day. As daybreak approaches, the muted shades of earth begin to push past the morning fog. Continue reading

The Corn Maze


Tall fields of corn offer an occasional break leading down a mowed pathway winding out of sight. Continue reading

Standing Watch


Recent events got me thinking about guardian spirits, and this painting that had hung on my ‘might be done wall’, for several months, then became finished. The bird perched upon the phone pole is the guardian of this picture. When I painted the scene, it did not yet serve a purpose. Now it makes complete sense. Thanks for looking!

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